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Hoodie Hubbub a Geraldo Highlight

A joke — how can you tell when Geraldo Rivera is saying something stupid? His lips are moving. Oh, and he put it on Twitter.

Andy Rooney is Dead

A few short weeks after his final 60 Minutes broadcast, the gently grumpy journalist has died after surgery.

Sebastian Junger is Giving Up Front-Line Reporting

“I’m not going to do any more front-line reporting, because I don’t want to put my wife through what I went through with Tim [Hetherington]… Tim’s death made war reporting feel like a selfish endeavor.”Sebastian Junger says he’s getting out of the game. 

Chris Hondros’s Final Images

Amazing last photos of house-to-house fighting by photojournalist Chris Hondros, killed in Libya yesterday.{ Hat tip: Daily Dish }