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LBJ has curly gray hair brushed back from his forehead and down over his collar

LBJ’s Long Hair

The Atlantic’s Kevin Townsend has a lovely little article about how retired President Lyndon Johnson grew his hair out in Texas in the last year of his life. It starts …..

The LBJ Time Machine

It sounds more frightening than it is. The LBJ Time Machine is one example of how the U.S. National Archives are popularizing presidential history.

Lyndon Johnson, Fresca Fanatic

Lyndon Johnson “gave up alcohol and drank tea, Tab and Fresca” after he became president in 1963, as we note in our profile.  We didn’t know until now that he used Fresca as a weapon, too.

Thanks for Nothing, Ted Sorensen

Here’s a belated book review of my most frustrating read of 2009: Ted Sorensen’s book Counselor: A Life at the Edge of History.The book came out in 2008 and it’s billed as Ted Sorensen’s frank personal memoir of his 11 years as John Kennedy’s speechwriter and right-hand advisor.

LBJ Talks to Ted

From the Houston Chronicle: A page with links to audio of President Lyndon B. Johnson calling Ted Kennedy on the occasion of his brother John’s death in 1963, and again on the occasion of his brother Bobby’s death in 1968.

Obama’s New Limo is an Armored “Cocoon”

Made by Cadillac.”One news agency, noting its 8-inch-thick doors, says the limo can withstand a ‘direct hit from an asteroid.’ But GM spokeswoman Joanne K. Krell laughed off the comments. ‘And it will fix you a latte if you ask,’ she jokes.”A $25 billion latte, if you include the cost of the GM buyout.