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Barkhad Abdi Biography: New!

The first-time actor stunned the film world with his Oscar nomination for Captain Phillips.

Andrey Melnichenko’s Crazy Super-Yacht

That’s Andrey Melnichenko’s $300 million super-yacht off the coast of Malibu, California today.  It’s 394 feet long and shaped funny to make it tricky for pirates to board. Tricky for uninvited pirates, that is.

‘Ponies Should be Tethered Up Outside’:
Your Guide to British Voting Etiquette

Yes to pirate costumes and drunken voting; no to giant rosettes and the Queen.  Rules for voting in today’s U.K. elections.Dogs must be in an “accompanying” role rather than “free-range,” while horses and ponies must be left outside. Pot-bellied pigs are at the discretion of local officials.