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Photo of Robert Conrad

Robert Conrad Has Died at the Agreed-Upon Age of 84

Actor Robert Conrad has died of heart failure. He was a fist-fighting TV star in his day, in the 1960s hit The Wild Wild West¬†(which spent decades in reruns) and …..

Stephen Cannell, 1941-2010

TV writer and producer Stephen Cannell has died at age 69. He co-created The Rockford Files, that wonderful 1970s detective show starring James Garner, along with The A-Team, Baretta (back …..

John Belushi IS Pappy Boyington

I just added photos to our profile of Pappy Boyington, the hard-living World War II flying ace who shot down 28 Japanese planes and won the Medal of Honor.Something about the photo looked familiar. I pondered it a while, chewing on a thumbnail… and then it arrived:

Robert Conrad for Eveready Batteries

Robert Conrad’s disputed birthday got us reminscing about his old TV commercials for Eveready batteries — the ones that briefly made a catch phrase out of “Go ahead — I dare ya!” He was the Energizer Bunny of his day.(He was also the go-to tough guy of the day, starring as World War II flyboy Pappy Boyington in the TV series Baa Baa Black Sheep — part of the setup for the ads.)