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Uma Thurman Wears White at Cannes (Photos!)

Photos of the Cannes Film Festival never really get old, with the million photographers (in suits!) going crazy and the stars eating it up or enduring it, or both.  Robert De Niro is heading up the jury this year, which also features Jude Law and the beautifulandtalented

Robert DeNiro in “Manual Love 3”?

Robert De Niro and Monica Bellucci stroll on the set of Manual Love 3 yesterday in Rome.  At least, our friends at WENN identify the title as “Manual Love 3,” which sounds not-quite-right.

Sunday Leftovers

Just caught up with this obituary from Sunday’s NY Times: Lefty Rosenthal, the gambler who inspired Robert De Niro’s character in Casino. As The Times notes, Rosenthal was never quite the same after surviving a car bomb outside a Tony Roma’s in Las Vegas in 1982.