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The Telegraph Goes ‘Tiger Lady’ on Wendi Deng

“She has catapulted herself from the anonymity and austerity of communist China to the family – and now the family trust – of one of the world’s most powerful and wealthy men.

Rebekah Brooks Resigns

“She was a timebomb strapped to Murdoch’s leg.”Once his “fifth daughter,” Rebekah Brooks becomes the latest casualty in the UK’s Rupert Murdoch wars.

Who is More Powerful: Rupert Murdoch or Parliament?

Robert Peston wonders:”If Parliament is sovereign, there is something slightly odd about the idea that the vote can be passed and that Mr. Murdoch can choose to ignore it.”

Getting a Handle on the Phone Hacking Scandal

To understand the News of the World phone hacking scandal, you can’t do better than this calm, clear layout from Nick Davies, the Guardian reporter who’s been on the story …..

Happy Birthday, Rupert Murdoch and Antonin Scalia!

Today is the birthday of both Rupert Murdoch (Fox News!) and U.S. Supreme Court associate justice Antonin Scalia.
Rupert Murdoch turns 80, and Antonin Scalia turns 75. Perhaps they’re celebrating together, eating cake made of money and riding on a yacht powered by the sweat of the underclass.
In their honor, we present this classic tune by The Who, “Young Man Blues”:

The ‘Viscount of Vapidness’

Hee!For those who aren’t in the know, Seacrest is much more than just a fey TV personality with no discernible talent. But as famed TV critic Tom Shales wrote in a great piece called “Ryan Seacrest Inc”, Ryan is trying to mimic Rupert Murdoch.