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Harold Edgerton’s Amazing Images

 To accompany our new biography of Harold “Doc” Edgerton, we’ve gathered some samples of his amazing high-speed and strobe light photography.

Margaret Atwood on Rachel Carson

 Author Margaret Atwood praises Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, 50 years after the book’s publication.

Henri Poincaré Biography: New!

 Why care about this 19th century French mathematician? Like it or not, he shaped your world view. Plus, he’s generated some really weird YouTube videos.

Robert Hooke on the Web

 Science writer Carl Zimmer leads the way to seeing Robert Hooke’s 17th century classic Micrographia online.

Gaydar Is Real

Scientists say people can recognize random faces as gay or straight with “significant” accuracy.

Oetzi Gives the World’s Oldest Blood Sample

 They’ve found a trace of blood on the Oezti Iceman, the mummified 5,300 year-old corpse found in the Alps in 1991. It’s the world’s oldest blood.

Stephen Hawking at 70

Computer chip maker Intel said on the occasion of Stephen Hawking’s 70th birthday that they were going to try to help him regain the power of speech.

Jane Goodall Interviewed

 Jane Goodall is on tour.  She’s in my town right now, across the river, being interviewed on the radio program Think Out Loud, from Oregon Public Broadcasting. What makes a 77 year-old want to go on tour?

Apollo 13 Drama in 1970

On this day back in 1970, Americans were sitting around their televisions and radios wondering what was going to happen to the astronauts aboard Apollo 13.
The day before, on April 13th, an explosion aboard the spacecraft threw everything off. As we now know (because of reality and the 1995 Ron Howard film), the astronauts made it home safely, thanks to the power in the lunar module, some duct tape and the smarts of them fellers what could still worry a slide rule.