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The Family Circus Movie: Who Will Direct?

It’s true: 20th Century Fox has bought the rights for a live-action feature film based on the comic strip The Family Circus.Jennifer Love Hewitt should be a lock to play Thel, but the real question is: who’s going to direct?  Let’s explore the possibilities, starting with this real-life Family Circus cartoon:

The Jersey Circus: JWoWW Meets NotMe

The Internet’s ironic love affair with The Family Circus continues with The Jersey Circus. Yes, all captions are actual utterances from the Jersey Shore cast.

The Family Circus = Mad Men?

From an interview with artist Jeff Keane about a new collection from the early days of ‘The Family Circus’:Q: When you look at the photos in the introduction, it’s a less flattering caricature in these initial strips than it is now.