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Idris Elba Meets Mumford and Sons

Idris Elba — Stringer Bell from The Wire — directs and stars in a new music video from Mumford & Sons.

Of course, Idris Elba is also the star of the TV series Luther, and he appeared in that ridiculous Ridley Scott movie Prometheus — gosh, was that just this year?

As for Mumford & Sons, they’re a foursome from England who are always described as purveyors of “folk rock.” Folk Rock is when they take sex out of songs and put in literary references.

Although, honestly, I didn’t listen to the words of this rather grand, swelling song, “Lover of the Light.” If you’re an Idris Elba fan, it’ll be worth it just to see him dressing, making breakfast and running blindly through the woods.

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