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The Best “Charlie’s Angels” Photo Ever

Among the Farrah Fawcett photos supplied to us by our friends at WENN is this memorable Charlie’s Angels promo shot from 1976:

We have other shots of the trio (the Angels stroll! And play chess!) but this one catches the mood of the show best — or at least, the mood of the show as it wanted to be seen.

Something about the dainty tilt of Jaclyn Smith‘s front leg makes the whole shot work.

Smith’s bikini (those hips!) reminds us that Farrah Fawcett wasn’t necessarily supposed to be the prime cheesecake in the show. Smith was supposed to be the smooth-hot model, after all, and Kate Jackson was the smart one. (She even looks fairly believable in that riding outfit, if we’re talking about “believable as one of those society women who wears $5000 riding outfits without riding all that much.”)

Farrah looks confused about something. Possibly she’s wondering if her outfit is a hand-me-down from The Love Boat, another Aaron Spelling production that had its pilot the same year. Or perhaps she’s puzzling things out: “If Kate is the smart one, does that make me…?”

It didn’t take long to sort out Fawcett’s role once the show hit the air: she was The Blonde. She took off as first among equals — a la Michael Jackson in the Jackson 5, you might say.

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