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The Post Looks Again at Chandra Levy

“At 23, she exuded a blend of innocence and sensuality, but she was not a party girl. At heart, Chandra was a bit of a nerd.”

The Washington Post has launched a major 12-part investigation of the 2001 murder of intern Chandra Levy.

Levy, you may recall, disappeared from her Washington apartment shortly before she was to return home to California to graduate. Police investigators discovered that Levy had been close to Congressman Gary Condit.

Eventually Condit, aged 53 and married, admitted to police that their relationship had been a sexual one. For a time he seemed like a prime suspect, but the remains of Levy’s body were found a year later in Rock Creek Park, making it look perhaps more like a random abduction. No one has ever been charged with the crime.

The Post says the police investigation “overwhelmed with the white-hot media coverage fueled by the possible involvement of [Condit]” and was ultimately “filled with false hopes, false leads and false suspects.”

Chapter one of the Post investigation was published yesterday. All 12 parts, plus an epilogue, will appear daily over the next two weeks.

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