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The Seven Horses of Highly Effective People

With a nod in honor to the late Stephen Covey, we present a gallery of famous horses and their famous riders.

You may have heard that inspirational self-help pro Stephen Covey died this week in a hospital in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Covey wrote the 1989 best-selling book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, which they say sold 20 million languages in 38 books, or maybe the other way around.

Although Covey was 79 years old, his death was still a surprise. His family says he died from complications after having a bike accident. According to the Deseret News, Covey fell off his bicycle back in April. He hit his head hard enough to knock him out. Somehow, three months later, in a hospital 250 miles away from the accident, he died.

We stole the title of his famous book for our feature long ago. When it comes to self-management books, Covey’s is one of the most famous. So we hung our hats on that title for our feature on horses.

Common Bonds: Seven Horses of Highly Effective People.

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