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They’re Still Digging Around for Jimmy Hoffa

A fuzzy photo of Jimmy Hoffa, looking tough in a dark suit and tie
Calling Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance “an open wound” for metro Detroiters, officials say they’re hopeful a dig in northern Oakland County will turn up the body of the former Teamsters boss.
“It’s my fondest hope that we can give … closure not just to the Hoffa family, but also to the community and stop tearing that scab off with every new lead and bring some conclusion,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said.
So reports the Free Press, which says that the FBI is using a backhoe to carry out a search warrant in a field about 25 miles north of downtown Detroit. Why now?
The Oakland Township property came under scrutiny in January after Tony Zerilli, 85, the son of reputed former Detroit mob boss Joseph Zerilli told broadcast media that Hoffa, 62, was buried there.
Just last year they were digging under driveways. But this time it’s gotta be right. Right?
July 30th will be the 38th anniversary of Hoffa’s mysterious disappearance in 1975.

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