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Tiger Woods Wins First PGA Tournament in 30 Months

Let the Masters chatter begin!

Tiger Woods won the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Florida yesterday, in a “stress-free, five-stroke victory.”

It was his first official PGA win since the Thanksgiving Day blowup in 2009, the treatment for sex addiction (or whatever it was), and the divorce from Elin Nordegren

Golf writers are giddy:

Charlie Hanger: “I was most impressed that Tiger was so much better than the field. This was a blowout of old-school-Tiger proportions.”
Gary Van Sickle: “Tiger was a touchdown ahead of everyone else… Tiger is driving it straight. I can’t point that out enough. That’s a scary thought, given his shotmaking skills with his irons. Not only is he back, I think he’s going to win multiple majors in the next few years.”
Stephanie Wei: “[Tiger’s swing coach] said, ‘The sexiest long iron I’ve ever seen Tiger hit was the one on No. 6.’ (Yes, he really said ‘sexiest.’ It was a 3-iron.) It’s scary to think what Tiger will do now that he’s driving it on a string and finally has found some rhythm with his putting stroke.”
Whoa whoa whoa, kids! Let him enjoy the win, willya?
(But yes, the Masters starts in next week.)
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