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Tilda Swinton Photos: A Dozen New Ones, for Almost No Reason at All

Tilda Swinton is sleeping in a glass box at the Museum of Modern Art, for no particular reason. In the spirit of the thing, we’ve just posted a dozen random new photos of her.

Tilda Swinton photo in ecru shirt and tilting her head sideways slightly


Some show her in her typical pensive and/or stunned mood…

Photo of Tilda Swinton holding her palms together and bowing slightly to the press as she walks

Apega / WENN

..and in some she’s more engaging. Here she is giving a (sincere?) namaste to photographers at the Cannes Film Festival last year.

Photo of Tilda Swinton with hair plastered down, signing autographs for fans


…and sometimes she’s her good old “come to the cabaret” self, as in Germany last summer.

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