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To Boldly Go Where Chelsea Went Before

Sasha and Malia Obama will attend Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C., the Obama family has announced.

Chelsea Clinton attended the same private school in the 1990s. She turned out pretty well, seems like.

The “Friends” part of the name comes from the school’s Quaker roots. It was opened by Thomas Watson Sidwell in 1883 “as an initiative in co-ed, urban day-school education.”

Prayer in school? They’ve got it:

“Meeting for Worship is held once a week in groups of varying sizes. Each day begins with a period of silence as well. There is some study of Quaker history and practice as part of the Middle School advisory and seventh grade Quakerism and the Arts curriculum…”

And the chow looks good. Here’s today’s lunch menu:

  • Carrot Celeriac Soup
  • Cucumber, Mango & Red Onion Salad
  • Fattoush
  • Field Salad
  • Fusilli Pasta with Carbonara Sauce
  • Fusilli Pesto Pasta
  • Garlic Green Beans
  • Fresh Bartlett Pears

Wait until Fox News hears that an Arabic salad is on the menu.

The cost for it all? $28,442 per year for Sasha, $29,442 for Malia.

Time has a few further notes on Sidwell history.

(PS: No in the Sidwell library quick reference? What a drag.)

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