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Uggie Leaves His Pawprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater: Dial the Cute Meter Up to ’11’

Photo of Uggie the terrier, in a bow tie, being held by his smiling trainer who wears a snappy fedora

Uggie the Dog — star of the Oscar-winning film The Artist — has become the first dog to leave his pawprints at Graumann’s Chinese Theater.

A photo of Uggie the Dog putting his paw in black cement, aided by his handler

Uggie was assisted by his handler and confidante, Omar Von Muller.  The animal trainer rescued Uggie from the pound when the future star was just a pup.

Photo of Uggie's pawprints in cement, with his

The finished product reads: “Uggie / The Artist / 6-25-12.” Presumably Uggie wrote this himself.  

Photo of Uggie the Terrier, smiling for cameras in a spangled bow tie, behind his Grauman's Theater plaque

Awwww.  Uggie has star power, there’s no doubt about it.

But he’s leaving showbiz behind:

The event also marked Uggie’s retirement from show business. Von Muller said Uggie, whose other film credits include “Mr. Fix It” and “Water for Elephants,” would no longer star in films but would appear at charity events and other functions.

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