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Unlikely Birthday Twins: Anna Hazare and Waylon Jennings

A photo of an old Indian man in a white cap, and a young Waylon Jennings in beard and scruffy shirt

Two stubborn outlaws were born on June 15 of 1937: Waylon Jennings in Littlefield, Texas, and Anna Hazare in Bhingar, India.

OK, a few miles apart. And they didn’t have a lot in common. Hazare was deeply influenced by 19th-century Hindu thinker Swami Vivekananda; Jennings was deeply influenced by 20th-century cotton-pickers Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys.

But Waylon Jennings grew up to be a pillar of Country Outlaw music in the 1970s, rebelling against that too-smooth Nashville sound. 

Meanwhile, Anna Hazare grew up to be a persistent rural activist and thorn in the side of the Indian parliament. His outlaw hunger strike in 2011 finally forced the parliament to consider a serious anti-corruption bill after decades of delay.

Jennings died in 2002, but Hazare is still kicking up dust. Good for him.

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