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We Are Not Oprah, Part 23

Who2 often gets letters meant for celebrities. Jesse Jackson and The Jonas Brothers seem to be favorites, but by far the greatest number of letters come in for Oprah.

Some ask Oprah for money; some ask to be on her show; some just want to complain about life. It makes you sympathetic to how much mail real celebrities must receive every day. (We get enough for Oprah that we have a form reply prepared, pointing to the contact page on her own site.)

Here’s the latest, from a reader whose name we’ll remove:


The entire world security threat has its root tied to the Israeli / Palestinian conflict. The conflict ironically has been on, for the past 50 years with little or no progress solution-wise…

I do have an idea which I strongly believe will bring about lasting solution. This is what I want to share with you as a key player to the whole idea.

My Idea – Oprah Project – Your influence can be used to bring about world peace. Kindly arrange to hear the idea before I fly out of US on January 08, 2009. My name is [redacted], currently holidaying in Tampa Florida with family.

Thank you.

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