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When ‘Cathy’ Met Kasdan (and Nixon)

Things we didn’t know about the retiring Cathy Guisewite, courtesy of Wikipedia:

One of Guisewite’s classmates at University of Michigan was Lawrence Kasdan. When Kasdan’s movie The Big Chill opened, Guisewite devoted an entire week of Cathy strips to this movie, with her character Cathy and Cathy’s co-workers all enthusing over the film and seeing it repeatedly.

What, no special ‘Cathy’ week for The Empire Strikes Back?

Also in the we-didn’t-know-it department: Guisewite’s husband is screenwriter Chris Wilkinson, who co-wrote the movies Nixon (1995) and Ali (2001) and did a little work on Barbra Streisand‘s 1987 film Nuts.

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