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Why ‘La Bande de Rats’ Were in Las Vegas

Our recent review of Une Histoire Américain by Georges Ayache included this shot of the book’s cover:

“OCEAN’S 11.”  That’s the movie that the Rat Pack made in 1960, with Sinatra as war veteran Danny Ocean leading a band of 11 swindlers who rob five Vegas casinos one New Year’s Eve.  (It was remade, of course, in 2001 with George Clooney in the Sinatra role.)

We can’t read the rest of the sign except for the word “Downtown,” but it looks like it might list dates and times.  So presumably this photo is from 1960 and the boys were in town to promote their new movie.

The back page of Une Histoire Américaine identifies the “photo de couverture” as being from  A quick search there and sure enough: 1960 at the Ocean’s 11 premiere.

Just a sidelight for Rat Pack scholars.

The extra contrast doesn’t do much for Sinatra’s look, though.

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