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Woody Allen Hates Death, Loves Scarlett Johansson

“My relationship with death remains the same. I am very strongly against

Woody Allen chats with the press at the Cannes Film Festival.

allen3.jpgLater Woody Allen (right) posed for photos with Naomi Watts, star of his new movie You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.  Allen may be no fan of death, but he’s no fan of aging, either:

“You can imagine how frustrating it is when I do these movies with Scarlett Johansson
and Naomi Watts, and the other guys get them. And I’m the director. I’m the, you know,
that old guy over there is the director. I don’t like that. I like being
the one that sits across from them in the restaurant and looks in their
eyes and lies to them.”

We don’t actually have to imagine it, Mr. Allen: you made it pretty clear in Match Point and Vicky Cristina Barcelona how hot you were for Scarlett Johansson.  Hard to blame you, old boy.

allen1.jpgMore photos of old Woody Allen at Cannes >>

(Hat tip: Mr. Duffy. Photo credits: WENN; Nikki Nelson)

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