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69th Cannes Film Festival 2016, Red Carpet film "Cafe Society"..Featuring: Woody Allen. Where: Cannes, France. When: 11 May 2016.

Woody Allen Has a Strange New Hobby

Woody Allen revealed something strange about himself in an interview with The Guardian last month. Can you pick out the famous director’s new hobby from this list of otherwise phony items? Woody Allen spends …..

Woody Allen: Nasty, Brutish and Short

The many crazy files over at The Daily Beast include this recent interview with filmmaker and professional misanthrope Woody Allen.

Woody Allen Boxes a Kangaroo

From the British television show Hippodrome, here’s former comedian Woody Allen, horsing around with a boxing kangaroo in 1966:

Irina Shayk Biography (With Photos)

Irina Shayk was everywhere this week after making the cover of the 2011 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. We’ve posted a new biography of Irina Shayk, and here’s what we know so far:

Coens vs. Clint: Multi-Oscar Showdown!

“Fill your hands with Oscar nominations, you #$@%!!”The Coen Brothers are thrice-nominated for True Grit in the Academy Awards this year: for best picture, director, and adapted screenplay. 

Woody Allen Has Never Seen His Own Movies

I’ve never once in my life seen any film of mine after I put it out. Ever. I haven’t seen “Take the Money and Run” since 1968. I haven’t seen “Annie Hall” or “Manhattan” or any film I’ve made afterward. If I’m on the treadmill and I’m scooting through the channels, and I come across one of them, I go right past it instantly, because I feel it could only depress me. I would only feel, “Oh God, this is so awful, if I could only do that again.”

Sean Penn: A 50th-Birthday Sideburn Celebration!

Happy 50th birthday to terrific actor Sean Penn.Sean Penn was born on 17 August 1960 in Burbank, California. Being born just over the hill from Hollywood, it’s no surprise Penn ended up as an actor — though it’s maybe a surprise that he ended up being such a good actor.In honor of his 50th birthday, here’s a photo collection of the many faces of Sean Penn.  As we’ll see, those many faces have had many different sideburns.

“The Moose Starts to Mingle…”

First it was King Tut Thursday — now here’s Woody Allen Saturday. A funny routine from 1965 that begins with the unlikely (for Woody) phrase, “Um… I shot a moose once.”

Anhedonia, Here I Come!

“Annie Hall,” the Oscar-winning 1977 film by Woody Allen, was originally titled “Anhedonia.”  So says Jon Carroll (and so agrees the New York Times, in this great little time capsule interview.) Anhedonia is “a psychological state where nothing gives a person pleasure.”

Woody Allen Is Back In London, Thank Goodness

Good news: Woody Allen is back filming in Europe, where he makes livelier pictures. That’s him in the floppy hat, talking to Josh Brolin and Freida Pinto on the London set of “Untitled Woody Allen Project” earlier today.