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You’re a Vandal, Charlie Brown!

The graffiti artist Banksy messed with comic icon Charlie Brown this weekend in Los Angeles. This little slice of subversion was painted on the wall of a derelict building near Sunset Boulevard.

Banksy seems to be in action in LA this week, maybe to generate buzz for his Oscar-nominated film Exit Through the Gift Shop.

As usual, there’s no official confirmation that this is a Banksy original, but a photo of it showed up on his official site — which is a pretty clear sign.

That shot from Banksy’s own site gives more context to the comic:

The image is titled “charlie-burn.”

Banksy mania is such that the Charlie Brown image has already been removed — carved out of the building, it seems — and then a phony version of it sold on eBay. The blog MelroseAndFairfax has been following the whole crazy story.

(Photos: Top, The Media Circuit/ Bottom: Banksy official site)


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