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Picasso Vandal Update

Uriel Landeros, the man who defaced a Picasso painting in Houston, will stay in jail, held on a $500,000 bond because he’s a flight risk.

Rothko Vandal Says “I’m Not a Vandal”

 Sunday afternoon at the Tate Modern Gallery, Vlad Umanets defaced a painting by Mark Rothko. He told the press, “I’m not seeking attention.”

Happy Birthday, Kanye!

Kanye West turns 35 years old on June 8th. To celebrate, here’s our gallery of Kanye stickers by KanyePDX, a sticker graffitt artist — slaptagger — from the Pacific Northwest.

Hanksy Pranks Banksy

 Banksy is the mysterious graffiti artist who went international with the 2010 movie Exit Through the Gift Shop. The movie was a prankster’s prank. And now Banksy’s being pranked by Hanksy.

You’re a Vandal, Charlie Brown!

The graffiti artist Banksy messed with comic icon Charlie Brown this weekend in Los Angeles. This little slice of subversion was painted on the wall of a derelict building near Sunset Boulevard.