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Amerlia Earhart Google Doodle for Her 115th Birthday

A Google Doodle of Amelia Earhart standing on the wing of an old plane, with the word GOOGLE on the wings

Amelia Earhart‘s Google doodle celebrates her 115th birthday — not that she knew what Google was. She probably knew a doodle or two.

She sure knew how to stay hidden, in any case. Another expedition has just failed to find hard evidence of what happened to the famous flyer when she and navigator Fred Noonan disappeared in the South Pacific 75 years ago.

Explorers from The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) thought they found landing gear from Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Electra during a previous visit to the remote island of Nikumaroro. But they couldn’t prove it this time.

“We anticipated ten days of search operations. Due to equipment problems directly attributable to the severity of the underwater environment at Nikumaroro, we only had five days on site. In that time we saw no objects that we recognized as aircraft debris, but we have volumes of sonar data and many hours of high-definition video to review before we’ll know the results of this expedition definitively.”

Back to the drawing board, boys.

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