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Benedict XVI’s Last Day as Pope: His Surprising Final Acts

Pope Benedict XVI photo, as he waves to crowds on his last day

Pope Benedict XVI flies off to Castelo Gandolfo late this afternoon, where at 8 pm he will officially become the ex-pontiff. According to reports in the notoriously accurate Italian press, these will be his final acts before leaving the Vatican. 

  • Pack electric toothbrush.
  • Shake the hands of all Vatican butlers who didn’t leak secret documents to the press.
  • Hand over “Toes of the Fisherman” slippers to be solemnly destroyed by College of Cardinals.
  • Secretly burn the vintage collection of German MAD magazines he’s had hidden under the mattress all these years.
  • Open balcony doors to St. Peter’s Square, dash out for three seconds in undershirt, dash back inside.
  • Sneak priceless Titian sketch into duffel bag.
Sounds like a full day. Good luck to him in retirement.

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