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Papal Smoke Cam: Live!

If you’re waiting for the white smoke, here’s your view.

Betting On the Pope

It may not be the Super Bowl, but papal betting has a lively history.

The Pope, The Queen, and Nelson Mandela Walk Into a Bar…

“I have known few greater honours than the opportunity to address the Mother of Parliaments at Westminster Hall. I am told the last three speakers here have been the Pope, Her Majesty the Queen, and Nelson Mandela, which is either a very high bar or the beginning of a very funny joke.”President Barack Obama, opening his speech to Parliament today with a little joke. Heh!

Some April 19th Anniversaries

Oscar-winning actress Grace Kelly married Monaco’s Prince Ranier III in 1956.

Charles Manson was sentenced to life in prison in 1971 for his role in the 1969 murder spree that took Sharon Tate’s life.

Broadcasting Benedict

“He may not be in with the local Emo cult, and you’re unlikely to see him hanging out at a skateboard park. But the Holy Father moved one step closer to cool today when he launched the Vatican’s own YouTube site on Google.” The Pope is on YouTube.