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Who’s Turning 80 in 2013?

Take a look at some celebrities who become 80 year-olds in 2013.

I was prompted to look into this after realizing that Yoko Ono turned 80 last week. Here’s a recent photo of her:

She looks pretty much the same, near as I can tell. I do appreciate that she formally announced again this year that she didn’t break up The Beatles.

I always knew that Yoko Ono was older than John Lennon, but I was still surprised to discover she was turning 80. 

I decided to see who else was turning 80 in 2013. There were some surprises and some non-un-surprises. Take a look:

Roman Polanski:

2012, photo from WENN

Gene Wilder:

photo from WENN

Joan Rivers:

photo from WENN, not Madame Toussaud's

Willie Nelson:

photo from WENN

Larry “Didn’t He Turn 80 A Long Time Ago?” King:

photo from WENN

Quincy Jones:

photo from WENN

Carol Burnett:

photo from WENN

Former presidential candidate Michael Dukakis:

photo from WENN, old man pants from Ralph Lauren

And Louis Farrakhan:

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