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Bon Iver Erotic Stories: The Tumblr

They call it Boniverotica:

“Bon Iver heard me cough from the other room. I heard the door slam, and moments later he returned: with armfuls of lemongrass, humanely terminated free-range chickens and fresh greens, and he whipped up a soup to cure me. As he spooned it into my mouth, he kissed my throat and whispered, ‘That was a close one, baby.'”

Another favorite:

“Bon Iver must have known I would wear his workshirts to bed while he was away. He left me gifts in the breast pocket of each – a tiny shell, a dried flower, a pinecone.”

Wow. He’s starting to sound less like a rock star and more like Harris Burdick.

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{ Hat tip: Iris Hehn }

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