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Danny Devito Now Looks More Like Danny Devito Than Ever

A photo of Danny DeVito, white-haired and grinning, leaning in with a fan who holds a cell phone camera at arm's length

Danny DeVito poses for photos with a fan last night after opening night of The Sunshine Boys.  

Sweet photo.  And I like how Danny Devito just looks more and more like Danny DeVito the older he gets.

DeVito is paired with the ultra-ultra-distinguished British actor Richard Griffiths in this new revival of Neil Simon‘s play about cranky old entertainers who hate each other’s guts and would like to slice each other to death with a rusty dogfood can lid, if only they could raise their arms above their shoulders.

Reviews were good! The Telegraph liked it, at least:

“This deliciously quirky couple strike great showers of comic sparks off each other. DeVito, grouchy, rumpled and patrolling the squalid New York hotel apartment he inhabits like some furious caged animal, seems physically to inflate with outrage as he remembers the way his former comic partner used to jab him in the chest with his finger and spray spittle all over him.”

Photo of Danny DeVito smiling as he signs autographs in the midst of an excited clutch of fans

3x bonus points are hereby awarded to Danny DeVito for being a good sport who really seems to enjoy being a movie star.

Photo of Danny DeVito flashing a peace sign through the back window of a London lorry, er, automobile. A red one.

Danny DeVito turns 68 this year. He was born in 1944, same year as George “Han Shot Last” Lucas and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.


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