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Mark Zuckerberg Just Got a Lot Richer

Photo of Mark Zuckerberg smiling his head off in anticipation of being worth billions of Facebook bucks

Why is Mark Zuckerberg smiling? Because at the moment of Facebook’s IPO today, his wealth stands at about $16.9 billion. Yes, that’s a “16.9” with 400 zeroes after it. And it’s not counting another 60 million Facebook stock options on the side.

Forbes has tracked the evolution of Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth. The highlights:

  • 2008: Billionaire at 23 years old.
  • 2009: Drops off the billionaire list during the world financial crisis.
  • 2010: Worth $4 billion and makes Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful people for the first time. (He’s now at #9 on the power list, between Fed chairman Ben Bernanke and British prime minister David Cameron.)
  • 2012: With an IPO price of $38 per share, Mark Zuckerberg has “a new net worth of about $16.9 billion, not including 60 million unexercised Facebook options.”

His wealth puts him at #35 on the list of the world’s richest people, on a page with nine other people you’ve never heard of.

Tip of the cap to him. That’s a lot of dough.

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