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Photo of Orson Welles

Orson Welles Wasn’t Drunk After All

This infamous Orson Welles too-drunk-to-work video has been having a moment lately, 40 years after it was filmed. Now we’re happy to report on a surprising new twist. The story in …..

George Hamilton is the New Colonel Sanders, If You Can Believe That

George Hamilton is Colonel Sanders. Yes, you read it right. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s wonderfully bizarre reboot of its corporate icon is continuing with new ads featuring the extra-tan actor as the “extra-crispy Colonel.” If you …..

Denny’s Goes All Bilbo Brunchy

 Denny’s restaurants will soon be sporting a new menu for the upcoming movie version of The Hobbit. Oin and Gloin sirloin? Gandwaffles?

Don Draper Biography: Updated!

Don Draper is back for the fifth season of Mad Men. We’ve got his bio, plus quotes.

Yoda Sells Japanese Noodles

Yes, really! Yoda is the latest celebrity to go to Japan for the big advertising bucks, using The Force to boil up some noodle water.

Fighting Nazis and Body Odor

This soldier is home on furlough, probably resting from fighting Nazis. But now he’s found an evil as bad as Hitler, right there under our own arms.

Flashback: Yao Ming for Apple

The great and lovable Yao Ming retired from the NBA last month.  He never won a championship, but he did join Verne “Mini-Me” Troyer for this charming Apple Powerbook ad in 2003. Like Yao in the lane, it had a wonderfully soft touch.

How Google Feels About Gaddafi

Heh!  Check out the ad that Google AdSense is placing next to our new biography of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi:Maybe that’s how he collects all those female bodyguards.

Dr. J and Larry Bird for Chewable Converse All-Stars

Dr. J and Larry Bird (and Magic Johnson too!) love their Chuck Taylors.  Not actually chewable, but definitely gumball-colored. Official shoe of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, y’know.

It’s Not a Mugging, It’s Ad Copy

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone was mugged in London recently.  The thieves gave him a black eye and took $315,000 worth of jewelry — including a Breitling “H

Is This the Best TV Commercial Ever?

It is according to classy filmmaker Errol Morris, his tongue somewhere between 8% and 92% in cheek.

So let’s go to the video: Robert Lee (not that Robert Lee)

for Cullman Liquidation.