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Donald Trump’s Birthmarks

Thanks to The Smoking Gun, the military record — such as it is — of Donald Trump can be seen here.

Briefly, it says Donald Trump fudged when he recently told an interviewer that he “got lucky” with a very high draft number, and so avoided service in Vietnam.

Can you imagine a guy running for U.S. president who would fib about his military service? Or a guy who claims to be a patriot, but cuts every corner and uses every loophole to get out of actually serving his country? Can you imagine a rich kid getting out of military duty?

Yes, it’s easy to imagine. So the story by The Smoking Gun isn’t really a big surprise. Donald Trump didn’t serve in Vietnam because he didn’t want to. He got student deferrals while he was a student, and he got a medical deferral when he was no longer a student.

The real news out of the document dump is that Donald Trump was a tall, skinny teenager in 1964, and that he has birthmarks on both heels.

Does one of them say “666”? Both? Or are they simply imprints from when Thetis dipped The Donald into the River Styx?

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