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Election Day 2012: Vote, You Devils!

Photo of Barack Obama at a podium on a campaign

Who you got? The incumbent, Barack Obama

Photo of Mitt Romney at a campaign rally, surrounded by signs

…or the challenger, Mitt Romney?  

A smiling artist stands between two big portraits done in Cheetos

…or Jason Baalman, the artist who did portraits of both candidates in Cheetos? (Baalman, we’re told, is “known for using alternative materials like ketchup and barbecue sauce.”)

Whoever you like, get out there and vote today.

A photo of a street in front of an elementary school with voters in line down the block

We voted this morning at our local elementary school, arriving at 6:45 to find a line already in progress. I was voter number 16, according to the ballot-scanning machine.  The poll workers were friendly (and plentiful) and things seemed well in hand.

Still, when I walked by the school at 9 am (above) I counted 68 people in line outside the school.  

When I started voting 30 years ago, the norm was to wait five minutes or so (if that) to vote. When did these huge lines become the norm?

Well, don’t let the lines daunt you. Get out there and vote, you devils.

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