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James Bond Stuntman Stepping on Alligators

See behind the scenes, as a stuntman runs across a bunch of alligators — again and again — for a shot in the James Bond film To Live and Let Die.

The 1973 film starred cheeky Roger Moore as James Bond. The Bond “girl” in that movie is none other than Dr. Quinn, before she was a country doctor — Jane Seymour. The bad guy was played by… who cares? Let’s get to the alligators!

Thanks to Daryn Hinton for the video.

I wouldn’t want to run across a bunch of alligators. I wouldn’t want to have some stunt man run across my back over and over again, either. Well, maybe if it were in the name of Art, as in this case.

I suppose I should refer to Live and Let Die as “the Oscar-nominated James Bond film, Live and Let Die.” Yes, it was nominated for an Oscar. For the song by Paul McCartney.

Will Daniel Craig do one better than running across a pond of ‘gators in the upcoming James Bond film Skyfall? I hope so.

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