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Jennifer Lawrence In ‘The Bodyguard’ — PHOTOS

Photo of a bodyguard watching, scowling, as Jennifer Lawrence signs autographs for a crowd

Jennifer Lawrence signed autographs at the Paris premiere of The Hunger Games last night.

If you squint, the bodyguard there looks not unlike Kevin Costner in the film The Bodyguard. He has the scowl (and the hairline) just right. Perhaps he was actually thinking of himself as Kevin Costner in a little dream-reverie right at the moment this photo was taken.

Photo of Kevin Costner guarding Whitney Houston in the movie The Bodyguard

“And I-I-I-I-I… will always love you-u-u-u-u-u-u!”

As for Lawrence, it confuses me (admittedly, a Hunger Games outsider) that the producers would cast a 21-year-old woman to play 16-year-old survivalist Katniss Everdeen. Nothing in the photos from the premieres in Paris and London makes Jennifer Lawrence look much like a teenager.

Photo of Jennifer Lawrence in a gold dress, smiling for cameras on the red carpet

This was in London on the red carpet on Wednesday. Another shot from the same event:

Photo of Jennifer Lawrence looking over her shoulder, fetchingly, on the red carpet in London

That dress, incidentally, was made from gold mocking-lizards that Katniss Everdeen trapped and skinned herself.

In Paris she went for an entirely different look:

Photo of Jennifer Lawrence in red lipstick with her hair swept down

Which is just a little different from how Jennifer Lawrence looked as Katniss Everdeen in the actual Hunger Games movie:

Photo of Katniss Everdeen, looking worried while carrying arrows on her back, in The Hunger Games

She doesn’t much look 16 there. But then it doesn’t look like she needs a bodyguard, either.

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