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Jeremy Lin Biography: New!

Our new biography of Jeremy Lin is now live.

Who’s Jeremy Lin? Only the most triumphant underdog story in the history of forever, that’s who.  

Also, he’s a point guard for the Knicks.

Seriously, Jeremy Lin is the first American of Taiwanese (or even Chinese) descent to play in the NBA.  (You may think “Yao Ming!”, but Yao is a Chinese citizen. Lin was born in Los Angeles to Taiwanese parents, and played his high school ball in Palo Alto.)

But the real Jeremy Lin story is that until last week he was a bench-warmer for the Knicks who was cut by two different teams just last December. He went to Harvard because no school would give him an athletic scholarship, and he went undrafted by the entire NBA when he graduated in 2010. He got his chance this month only after injuries wiped out starter Baron Davis (among others) and the Knicks had more or less nowhere to turn.

All he’s done since he began playing major minutes on February 4th is score 134 161 171 points, dish out 40 51 64 assists, whup Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, lead the Knicks to five six seven straight wins, and just maybe save their (formerly miserable) season.

The result, as the New York papers say: “LINSANITY!

It’s a great story. See our Jeremy Lin biography »

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