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Just a Nice Photo: Woody Allen

Woody Allen was unusually playful last night at the premiere of To Rome With Love.

Photo of Woody Allen, in khaki pants and bland beige long-sleeved shirt, smiling as he holds one finger to his lips

(Michael Carpenter/WENN)

To Rome With Love is Woody Allen’s latest comedy, on the heels of his surprise hit Midnight in Paris. This one stars comedian Roberto Benigni (remember him?) plus Jesse Eisenberg (in the nebbishy-stand-in-for-young-Woody slot), Alec Baldwin, Elliot Page, and (always a good sign) Penelope Cruz.

Benigni plays an ordinary guy who suddenly discovers the terrible horrors of being famous. Eisenberg plays a young man who is desperate to sleep with donna fatale Ellen Page, friend of his uptight girlfriend. (God bless ol’ Woody, but it’s telling that the girlfriends and fiancees in his movies are always a major drag.)

Still, bonus points awarded to Woody Allen for smiling for once.

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