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Justin Bieber in a Gas Mask? Yup, Justin Bieber in a Gas Mask

Justin Bieber photo in a gas mask, baseball cap and hoodie

Justin Bieber was “spotted out and about in London” last night wearing a gas mask. Why? It’s unclear.

Photo of Justin Bieber in a gas mask and a beige hoodie, surrounded by crowds of bodyguards

Maybe it’s an homage to Edward R. Murrow and the London Blitz of 1940.

But now that Justin Bieber’s been in the spotlight for four years (yes, only since 2009), it’s probably time for him to freak out over the relentless hounding by paparazzi and corporate controllers. Can a concept album be far behind?

A youngish blonde Justin Bieber fan carries a weird painted collage of Bieber plus the Legos logo and scenes from 'Family Guy'

The London fans may not be helping, either.

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