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Jenny McCarthy, Celebrity Vampire

At the American Music Awards Jenny McCarthy clutched Justin Bieber as if she needed his life essence to stay young.

Happy Birthday, Bieber and Bork!

Today is Robert Bork’s birthday! Yay, he’s 84 today.
It’s also the birthday of Justin Bieber — he’s 17. Yay!
Robert Bork, you may recall, became famous when he didn’t get the job as an associate justice for the United States Supreme Court. President Ronald Reagan nominated Bork in 1987, but Bork was rejected by a vote of 58 to 42. He went on to make a decent living as “the guy who got voted down.” He would add, “…and it was UNFAIR!”

The Leopard-Print Toenails of Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne made the scene at the American Music Awards last night in leopard-print toenails. Black velvet and spangles: Elvis would be proud. Justin Bieber was named artist of the …..

Justin Bieber Memoir Not a Memoir

Teenage pop star Justin Bieber signed a deal to release a memoir later this year. But the memoir won’t be a memoir. That’s what Justin says in this story from Entertainment Wise.

Does Justin Bieber Know What ‘German’ Means?

It’s hard to say from this video that’s been making the rounds, but it sure does look as though young song stylist Justin Bieber doesn’t know what the word “german” means.
The host cuts Bieber some slack, at first explaining Bieber’s confusion as perhaps being due to the host’s “kiwi accent.”But even after Bieber is shown the word, he still says he doesn’t know what it means. “We don’t say that in America,” explains Justin. The host is as polite as can be.

Justin Bieber PHOTOS – Street Cred Edition

Justin Bieber is the Canadian teen singer discovered on the Internet in 2009 and now appearing everywhere.  Since we added our profile of Justin Bieber, we’ve been following with interest his attempts to establish street cred with various poses and hand signals.Herewith, the Street Cred of Justin Bieber — photo edition.[[wysiwyg_imageupload:638:]]