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Martin Scorcese Dumpling Flap Turns Awards Dinner into ‘Cafe Fear’

The New York Post / Page Six

Stop the presses: 2019 already has its dumbest gossip item. It appears today in the New York Post’s Page Six and stars director Martin Scorsese at the New York Film Critics Circle award dinner:

The director… “put in for an order of dumplings that were supposed to be ready when he was done [presenting].” But “the kitchen accidentally had his order as bok choy.”

That’s it. That’s the item. (That plus the bizarre fact that Martin Scorsese has a security team that sweeps venues before he appears.) The Mafia-loving old director didn’t even get angry, according to the piece.

Well, c’mon, Page Six! Allow me to help you punch up this item:

It’s hard for a goodfella to get dumplings after hours on the mean streets of New York, New York. Famed director Martin Scorsese turned into a raging bull when the kitchen showed “wonton” disregard for his dinner order at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards. The venue became Cafe Fear as the king of crotchety shouted that if he didn’t get his dumplings pronto, he’d soon be the departed.

Page Six should be able to take it from here, as I have left several film titles on the table (nyuk!) for them, including Bokchoy Bertha and The Age of HoisinSauce. Here’s hoping Mr. Scorsese has an early and highly secure exit from many more dinners to come.

Dumplings Snafu Derails Martin Scorsese’s Exit Strategy at Awards Dinner »


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