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No Robert Redford Oscar Nomination? C’mon!

So the Academy Award nominations are in and Robert Redford got snubbed. He didn’t get a best actor nomination for his terrific performance in All Is Lost.

Really, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences? A little too much art and science for you in Redford’s performance?

Here’s who did get nominated:

For pete’s sakes, Academy, you can nominate Leo DiCaprio in a MartyPills movie every other year! I’m sure he’s fine and all, chewing the scenery in his suspenders and power ties. Who cares?

And OK, Christian Bale gained 40 pounds and they made a big point of showing his look-what-a-daring-actor-I-am fat gut in the very first shot of his movie. Oh, snap. Why not give the Oscar nod to his gut and his combover?
Not to mention that both of those movies (like “August Osage County,” for which Meryl Streep is nominated again) are designed to let the actors CHEW THE SCENERY TO SHREDS in every scene.  
All Bob Redford did was hold your attention and make you root desperately for him through 90 minutes of minimalist silence.  
But that’s not worthy of a nomination, no, not while Christian Bale’s hairy stomach is hanging out.  Memo to Redford: Next time flash your gut in the opening scene if you want to show what a dedicated actor you are.
If there’s any justice, Chiwetel Ejiofor will win the Oscar anyway, and I think we all know that. Maybe Bruce Dern could get a sympathy win, but the nomination is the real prize for him and it would have been for Redford. But no, they had to suck up to “Lookitme” Bale and “Marty Loves Me” DiCaprio when they had the chance to salute a real stud actor like Redford.  
If Bale or DiCaprio actually WINS the Oscar instead of Ejiofor it will be cause for a criminal investigation.

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