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Sarah Palin Uses Naughty Internet Slang

Over at Media Matters, they’re featuring a video clip from Fox News — in which former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin uses naughty internet slang — on national tee-vee! — to harp on President Barack Obama‘s recent State of the Union address (hint: it’s not SOTU).

Sarah Palin tells Greta Van Susteren that when President Obama said “this is our Sputnik moment,” (as he was trying to “aspire Americans to celebrate” — hee!) was “another one of those WTF moments.”


Palin goes on to blame the dissolution of the Soviet Union on the debt from their Sputnik program, a rewrite of history that should wrinkle the brow of the average Ronald Reagan acolyte. Then the conversation spins into a delightfully wacky rant about how America really needs “a SpudNUT moment” — I’m not making that up.

But the best part is still Sarah Palin, potential presidential hopeful, saying “double-yew tee eff” on a news program.

WTF, of course, stands for “Wednesday Thursday Friday” and refers to all the holidays those lazy government workers get every week.

I’m kidding. It stands for “I want to use foul language, but instead I’m using code for foul language so people will think I don’t approve of foul language, even though I am clearly demonstrating otherwise.”

Oh, and she’s right, it was a WTF moment.

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