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Benito Mussolini, Unhappy Birthday to You

Italian dictator Benito Mussolini was born on this day in 1883. He caused plenty of havoc in the next 61 years. Benito Mussolini tends to be the Forgotten Fascist these …..

LIFE: Eva Braun’s Private Photos

Like me, you were probably just wondering, “how come I’ve never seen Adolf Hitler’s girlfriend in blackface?”

‘Cuddles’ Sakall: A Holiday Appreciation

Last December I wrote an encomium to Christmas in Connecticut, the most delightful Christmas movie ever made. Here’s what I had to say about veteran character actor S.Z. Sakall:

Here’s Hoping The New Marriage Lasts Longer

“Those of a cynical bent noted that the newly-weds would share their wedding anniversary with Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.”Anti-royalist as ever, The Guardian comments on the April 29th wedding date of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

They Got Hitler!

“All those who enjoy Hitler bunker parodies, please leave the room.”(Hat tip: Mr. Hehn)