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Liz Truss Becomes One of History’s Shortest-Serving Leaders

Liz Truss, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, has resigned after just 45 days in office.

It was just two days ago that her Home Minister, Suella Braverman, was complaining about the “Guardian-reading, tofu-eating wokerati” that she blamed for disruptive protests across the UK.  Braverman resigned a day later, becoming the shortest-serving Home Minister since World War II.

Now Liz Truss has joined her, and The Guardian, with a straight face, has published a story comparing the PM to the shortest-serving heads of state of all time. Among the competition:

Colorful company! We won’t say that The Guardian is dancing on Truss’s grave — not in British politics, where Boris Johnson is already being mooted to return as prime minister (“as a matter of national interest”) less than two months after resigning in disgrace to make way for Truss. Perhaps Liz Truss will be back in January! But it’s fair to say the paper is enjoying Truss’s moment of public humiliation.

At least they weren’t comparing her to a head of lettuce.

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