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Remembering Jonathan Winters

Comedian Jonathan Winters died this week at the age of 87. Read the Who2 biography of Jonathan Winters and watch some video clips.

Comics Great Moebius is Dead

 French artist Jean Giraud, who went by the name Moebius, died 10 March 2012. He was 73 years old.

Movie Ads from 1990s Comic Books

Here’s a small gallery of scans from the backs of comic books from the 1990s. Today’s special is “buddy movies.”

‘Doonesbury’ on Newt Gingrich

 Ouch! Newt Gingrich got slapped hard by a comic strip. You don’t see that every day. Because it was in the Sunday comics.

Fighting Nazis and Body Odor

This soldier is home on furlough, probably resting from fighting Nazis. But now he’s found an evil as bad as Hitler, right there under our own arms.

Happy Birthday to Jack Chick

Yes, it’s the birthday of comic artist and Christian ink-warrior Jack Chick, the mysterious creator of religious comics such as The Wall and Li’l Susy and The Great Escape!.
For your pleasure, here’s a computer animated version of Jack Chick’s 1978 classic, The Sissy.
In The Sissy a couple of unenlightened truckers get the message that Jesus was no wimp. And when Jesus comes back, he’s going to unleash some righteous clobberin’.

Who2’s Betty White Biography, with Photos and Comics

We have a new Betty White biography on Who2, with photos.
The other day I bought a comic book, another in the Blue Water Comics series Female Force.
Blue Water has an extensive series of these bio-comics (biographix?), and I’ve already read one on First Lady Michelle Obama and one on the former Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin.
This time I decided to go out of my “safe zone” and get one that isn’t political.