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Photo of Jackie Robinson in Dodgers uniform, shot from below, poised to swing

Jackie Robinson, Happy 100th Birthday!

Happy 100th birthday to Jackie Robinson, one of the true American heroes of the 20th century. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball, a racist barrier so strange and …..

Photo collage of six figures: Edmund Hillary (in climbing gear), Sheryl Sandberg, Jennifer Lopez, Bert and Ernie, and Jackie Robinson

Look at These Big Big Birthdays of 2019

Who turns 21 in 2019? Who turns 50? Who turns 100? Or 200? Would you believe that Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris is already 21? That Hangover goofball Zach Galifianakis is already …..

Richard Nixon to Jackie Robinson, 1960

Over at the National Archives, today’s Document for Today is a letter from Richard Nixon to baseball legend Jackie Robinson, just prior to the presidential election of 1960.
Nixon thanks Robinson for his support, with a lot of yakety-yak about civil rights that now sounds pretty phony. Robinson supported Nixon over Kennedy in that election. Nixon lost that one.

Today We are All #42

Major league players — every one of them — wear #42 in honor of Jackie Robinson’s first major league game.