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Novak Djokovic Biography: New!

Our biography of Novak Djokovic is now live.  He’s the Serbian tennis star who’s spent so much time trampling Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal underfoot this year.  In fact, Novak Djokovic hasn’t lost in 2011: he’s won an astonishing 40 straight matches (and 42 if you count the end of

Nadal for the Win! (Well, Not the Win)

Rafael Nadal goes between the legs against Novak Djokovic in Madrid on Sunday. Nice to see Djokovic applaud the shot. Of course, he was winning. Djokovic hasn’t lost a match …..

Rafael Nadal Is Number One

Spain’s Rafael Nadal won his fifth French Open yesterday, beating Robin Soderling. That puts Nadal at the top of the rankings in men’s tennis, replacing Roger Federer.

That makes seven Grand Slam titles for Nadal. Federer has won sixteen Grand Slam titles in his career.

How Fit is Rafael Nadal?

Fit enough to play a 5-hour, 14-minute match on Friday night, then a 4-hour, 23-minute match on Sunday night. Fit enough to do it in Australian summer heat. Fit enough to beat Roger Federer (again) and win the Australian Open for the first time.