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The Big Big Birthdays of 2012

Yes, the new year is here. Please clear the holiday cobwebs out of your brain and focus on these big big birthdays coming in 2012:

2000 Years  (12 AD)

  • CALIGULA, the grotesque and powerful Roman emperor.

600 Years  (1412)

  • JOAN OF ARC, the amazing fighting “Maid of Orléans.”

400 Years  (1612)

  • ANNE BRADSTREET, “the first significant poet of Puritan-era America.” 

300 Years  (1712)

  • JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU, the great self-educated thinker who wrote The Social Contract. Born on June 28th.

200 Years  (1812)

  • CHARLES DICKENS, author of Oliver Twist and many, many other hits. Born on February 7th.
  • ROBERT BROWNING, Pippa Passes poet and lover of Elizabeth Barrett. Born on May 7th.
  • EDWARD LEAR, the wonderful nonsense poet who wrote The Owl and the Pussycat. Born on May 12th.
  • SNOW WHITE, the fairy-tale princess whose story was first published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812.
  • UNCLE SAM, the American symbol said to have first been used on cartons of meat during the War of 1812.

100 Years  (1912)

  • CHUCK JONES, animator of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Born September 21st.
  • JOHN CAGE, the avant-garde composer. Born September 5th.
  • JOHN PAUL I, the pope who lasted just 31 days. Born October 17th.
  • JULIA CHILD, author of Mastering The Art of French Cooking. Born August 12th.
  • JACKSON POLLOCK, the abstract painter known as Jack the Dripper.  Born January 28th.
  • WERNHER von BRAUN, the Nazi rocketeer whose work was essential to putting a man on the moon. Born June 16th.

50 Years  (1962)

A “happy big big birthday!” to them all.

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